Thursday, August 22, 2013

Diwa and Lakas

Here's lakas (white-male) a labrador and diwa (black-female)a cross breed of labrador, duchhound and japanese spitz. They will soon be one year on october. Right now, they are in Bohol... at carine's place. They are both malambing and matalino. Lakas is hard headed, he always wanted to get inside the house and ask for food, while Diwa is malambing and loves water... she really wanted to take a bath almost everyday. They bring joy to us everyday, for now I can't seem them as I prepare for the bar exams which is 39 days from now. Soon, I and Carine will be more happy not because of Lakas and Diwa but the best gift the good Lord can give us... see you soon anak.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

365 project

I am on the 24th day of my 365 project. It is a compilation of photos for a whole year, one photo each day. I dedicated the project to my dearest Carine, my girlfriend. Today I am thinking what moment to capture... everyday I am thinking of images with different stories... emotions that were never told. Hopefully today... I can have a great capture.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Friday, July 9, 2010

My most difficult DECISION

As I write this blog, my days with my current job are running out because I made (maybe) one of the toughest decisions of my life as a journalist. I resigned as reporter of the most prestigious TV network of the country. Everybody knows that my dream is to become an anchor of a reputable TV network but sad to say I need to decide over things that are all important to me.

I was once a dreamer of becoming a reporter of this network. I started as their intern back in college days where I molded myself to be one. I write scripts for the TV news program, I go on field to gather news, I helped in the editing (video) of their stories, and sometimes voice over TV reports even if I am still on OJT.

I then apply to them as a reporter before graduation from college. I was fortunately accepted. I started working with them during the May 2007 elections in Cebu were I was assigned as their roving reporter; I officially started as their reporter on July of 2007.

Police beat was my assignment during my first days in the network. I usually work from 10 in the evening up to 6 in the morning. It later became (I think) my forte. I loved writing police stories for the program. But my assignment in Cebu end after a month. They transfer my assignment in Negros Oriental, which I don’t even know where it is and I never dream of going there.

Well, like a good soldier I followed the orders and the mandate of my network. On July 26 of 2007 I arrived here in Negros Oriental and started to be their correspondent for Negros Oriental and Siquijor provinces.

Negros Oriental was then a new place for me, where I found my girlfriend who’s also a journalist. My first days in Negros were difficult. I don’t have a place to stay; I don’t have friends to hang out with. Thanks to my girlfriend who never left me on my first days in the Negros Oriental. Days run so fast, and I learn to love the peaceful province.

My first beat in the province, the Provincial Police office, Dumaguete city Police station and the Hall of Justice. Hindi naman ako nahirapan on my first days with these beats… easy lang kasi accommodating naman yung mga tao.

I was with my girlfriend before sa assignment ko sa Negros Oriental but after a month or two she was transferred to Cebu, so I was left alone. I then need to stand on my own as the network’s reporter. Mahirap mag-isa sa lugar na hindi mo kabisado but I did it (I know I did).

to continue....

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Realizing how marriage life is complicated

Last night, I was with my friends (my classmates in law) we talked about things that complicate life nowadays... of course aside from the numerous cases and books we need to read everyday.

We tackle on one of my friends problem, I can't really understand her situation, on what she is suffering.

Earlier yesterday my other friend (kasama sa barkada) told me that "net" would like to talk to us. I don't know what "net" would say to us.

After our class in Obligations and Contracts, by the way I did well in our recitation, anyway I fetch "net" together with the barkada we went to Robinson's mall to have our dinner. There she shared her problem. She said, mu-undang sa ko'g school guys... I hope you understand.

I was so shocked with net's decision. Actually before this happened our barkada cheaped-in money to enroll "net" (well ingun ana me kagrabe magtinabangay). On that night, she returned our money, I'm so sad wala nakoy tapad sa room, but when I heard her story... and the reason why she need to stop studying, I understand her.

And you know what's her reason? She can't concentrate studying because of her problem that bothers her everytime. I admire her... for being so serious on our studies and hindi nya makaya na hindi matuto ng maayos.

The proximate cause of everything is her husband who left her and their child 'hanging'. The husband did'nt even said why is he leaving net. Sad thing my friend knew something from someone else - her husband is having another girl. Desperating? The girl is married and had two sons.

I can't imagine him doing it to my friend. Net is perfect... beatiful, smart, and a wife material... mapag-aruga.

In the end of the night, our barkada advise her to win back her husband.

But what I'm afraid of - mapagod ang kaibigan ko.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Passwords for Google, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts illegally leaked online
By Nate Lanxon on 06 October 2009, 1:02pm

Documents seen by CNET UK suggest thousands of usernames and passwords for Hotmail, Google and Yahoo accounts have been illegally posted to the Internet.

Login credentials for accounts ending with,,,, were seen. Users of these services are strongly encouraged to immediately change their passwords.

Usernames and passwords for Google's Gmail service could also provide hackers with access to users' YouTube, Blogger, Google Docs and Google Talk accounts, as these services are all owned by Google and often work under a single login ID.

We contacted Google, which acknowledged the leaked details and blames phishing attacks rather than insecurities within Google's system.

"We recently became aware of an industry-wide phishing scheme through which hackers gained user credentials for Web-based mail accounts including Gmail accounts," a Google spokesperson told CNET UK.

"As soon as we learned of the attack, we forced password resets on the affected accounts. We will continue to force password resets on additional accounts when we become aware of them."

We also contacted Yahoo, a spokesperson for whom confirmed, "We are aware and are investigating."

Reports of leaked Hotmail account details first appeared on Neowin. Microsoft later confirmed the news, and announced that "as a result of our investigation we are taking measures to block access to all of the accounts that were exposed and have resources in place to help those users reclaim their accounts."

Once again, if you have email accounts with Google, Microsoft or Yahoo, you are strongly advised to change your password immediately.

We will update this story as and when we hear further details.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Can I pass?

It's my last week to study my books in law, next week will be my final exam for the first semester. It's like a disaster to me right now that I haven't read yet the Revised Penal Code from Article 14 to 88 which my professor requires me. I don't know what will happen to me in the exams.

I don't know why I decided to take up law where in fact Tapulan ko mubasa og libro when I was still in college. There is something lang that I appreciated with studying law... I study discipline to my self, kahit papano meron na - unlike before na I don't read books.

Anyway, Civil Law was already done. got 2.0 not bad for me... pero I don't know if I deserved this grade.

Hahahay... no one knows what will happen in the final exams. Good luck to me and my classmates.