Thursday, August 22, 2013

Diwa and Lakas

Here's lakas (white-male) a labrador and diwa (black-female)a cross breed of labrador, duchhound and japanese spitz. They will soon be one year on october. Right now, they are in Bohol... at carine's place. They are both malambing and matalino. Lakas is hard headed, he always wanted to get inside the house and ask for food, while Diwa is malambing and loves water... she really wanted to take a bath almost everyday. They bring joy to us everyday, for now I can't seem them as I prepare for the bar exams which is 39 days from now. Soon, I and Carine will be more happy not because of Lakas and Diwa but the best gift the good Lord can give us... see you soon anak.