Saturday, November 28, 2009

Realizing how marriage life is complicated

Last night, I was with my friends (my classmates in law) we talked about things that complicate life nowadays... of course aside from the numerous cases and books we need to read everyday.

We tackle on one of my friends problem, I can't really understand her situation, on what she is suffering.

Earlier yesterday my other friend (kasama sa barkada) told me that "net" would like to talk to us. I don't know what "net" would say to us.

After our class in Obligations and Contracts, by the way I did well in our recitation, anyway I fetch "net" together with the barkada we went to Robinson's mall to have our dinner. There she shared her problem. She said, mu-undang sa ko'g school guys... I hope you understand.

I was so shocked with net's decision. Actually before this happened our barkada cheaped-in money to enroll "net" (well ingun ana me kagrabe magtinabangay). On that night, she returned our money, I'm so sad wala nakoy tapad sa room, but when I heard her story... and the reason why she need to stop studying, I understand her.

And you know what's her reason? She can't concentrate studying because of her problem that bothers her everytime. I admire her... for being so serious on our studies and hindi nya makaya na hindi matuto ng maayos.

The proximate cause of everything is her husband who left her and their child 'hanging'. The husband did'nt even said why is he leaving net. Sad thing my friend knew something from someone else - her husband is having another girl. Desperating? The girl is married and had two sons.

I can't imagine him doing it to my friend. Net is perfect... beatiful, smart, and a wife material... mapag-aruga.

In the end of the night, our barkada advise her to win back her husband.

But what I'm afraid of - mapagod ang kaibigan ko.