Friday, July 9, 2010

My most difficult DECISION

As I write this blog, my days with my current job are running out because I made (maybe) one of the toughest decisions of my life as a journalist. I resigned as reporter of the most prestigious TV network of the country. Everybody knows that my dream is to become an anchor of a reputable TV network but sad to say I need to decide over things that are all important to me.

I was once a dreamer of becoming a reporter of this network. I started as their intern back in college days where I molded myself to be one. I write scripts for the TV news program, I go on field to gather news, I helped in the editing (video) of their stories, and sometimes voice over TV reports even if I am still on OJT.

I then apply to them as a reporter before graduation from college. I was fortunately accepted. I started working with them during the May 2007 elections in Cebu were I was assigned as their roving reporter; I officially started as their reporter on July of 2007.

Police beat was my assignment during my first days in the network. I usually work from 10 in the evening up to 6 in the morning. It later became (I think) my forte. I loved writing police stories for the program. But my assignment in Cebu end after a month. They transfer my assignment in Negros Oriental, which I don’t even know where it is and I never dream of going there.

Well, like a good soldier I followed the orders and the mandate of my network. On July 26 of 2007 I arrived here in Negros Oriental and started to be their correspondent for Negros Oriental and Siquijor provinces.

Negros Oriental was then a new place for me, where I found my girlfriend who’s also a journalist. My first days in Negros were difficult. I don’t have a place to stay; I don’t have friends to hang out with. Thanks to my girlfriend who never left me on my first days in the Negros Oriental. Days run so fast, and I learn to love the peaceful province.

My first beat in the province, the Provincial Police office, Dumaguete city Police station and the Hall of Justice. Hindi naman ako nahirapan on my first days with these beats… easy lang kasi accommodating naman yung mga tao.

I was with my girlfriend before sa assignment ko sa Negros Oriental but after a month or two she was transferred to Cebu, so I was left alone. I then need to stand on my own as the network’s reporter. Mahirap mag-isa sa lugar na hindi mo kabisado but I did it (I know I did).

to continue....

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